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Software - Document Management

LSSe64 Document Management is designed specifically for law firms and the legal industry.  It allows attorneys and staff to more efficiently manage, store, organize and access client related files – including documents, spreadsheets, email, images, PDF’s and more.

When saving a document, email, or any other type of file, you simply provide LSS with profile information such as client/matter number, document type, author, typist and other optional data.  LSS saves the file in its native format and stores the profile information in a separate fully-indexed database.  Files can be quickly and easily saved or retrieved directly from Word, Outlook, Excel and Adobe Acrobat.

The LSSe64 Document Management system can be licensed and installed as its own stand-alone application, or as part of the larger fully-integrated LSSe64 practice management system.  Below are just a few features of the LSSe64 Document Management system.

Flexible and powerful search features

Rather than browsing through hundreds or thousands of network folders to find a document, LSS locates documents by searching a fully indexed document profile database.  Search by any combination of client, matter, author, typist, document type, subject and more.  Or perform full-text searches against the content of your documents, files and emails (including attachments).  Nearly instantly, LSS displays a list of all files matching your search criteria, allowing you to open, print, export, preview and more.

Drag and drop file save

Drag and drop multiple files at once to quickly import and save several documents or email messages with minimal time and effort.  Dropping files into a matter’s document management dashboard will automatically populate the profile “save” form with the current client/matter number.

Monitored folders

When dragging and dropping files into monitored folders configured with “smart profiling”, the system will automatically open the LSS save form prepopulated with the appropriate client/matter number and (optionally) a document type.  Similarly, monitored folders with “smart profiling” can be created within your Outlook mailbox and then be used for drag and drop saving of email messages – all from within Outlook.

Integrated security for ethical walls

Document permissions can be assigned by client and/or matter.  For any given client or matter, you can provide “full control” access to all users (the default), or you can lock down documents as “read-only” or “no access”.  Regardless of the general security setting for a client or matter, the system provides the ability to create exceptions for the client/matter by user name.  For example, you could create a matter with security set to “no access”, but then give full control access to just you and your assistant.  Or you could create a matter with the default “full control” access, but then deny access to certain individuals.

Document permissions can also be assigned at the user level.  For any given user, you can globally allow the user to access all matters, but add individual client/matter exceptions with either read only or deny access.  Similarly, you can globally deny access all matters, and then enter individual client/matter numbers as exceptions with either full control or read only access.  This method is most useful when a staff member needs to work on a project involving just a few matters, and they need to be blocked from seeing or accessing anything related to other clients.

Permissions in LSS are integrated with Windows Active Directory security at the individual file level.  This means that if a user browses out to the document storage locations using Windows Explorer, they will not be able to open or modify any files that have been restricted by LSS permission settings.