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When you see a demonstration of LSSe64, the first thing you'll probably notice about our system is the modern and thoughtfully organized user interface.  But we understand this is just one characteristic of a great system.  As we dig a little deeper and you really get to know LSSe64, you'll quickly discover an abundant set of tools that everyone in your firm will appreciate.

LSSe64 is a fully-integrated system that offers all of the components listed below.  LSSe64 can be licensed in its entirety, or in some cases, by individual component.  Purchase a license for the functionality you need today, and know that additional components can easily be added later when needed.

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Client Accounting

-  Time, cost and expense tracking
-  Traditional and electronic billing
-  Split and multi-party billing
-  Flexible statement formats
-  Customizable billing guidelines
-  Trust accounting
-  Comprehensive real-time dashboards
-  Unlimited billing rates
-  Powerful search features
-  Full integration with G/L and A/P

> More Client Accounting
General Ledger/Accounts Payable

-  Full integration with Client Accounting
-  Accounts payable and check writing
-  Electronic payment management
-  Bank reconciliation
-  Budgeting
-  Vendor 1099 tracking and reports
-  Client direct invoice management
-  Comprehensive real-time dashboards
-  Flexible financial reports and graphs
-  Invoice image file management

> More G/L and A/P
Management Reporting

-  Effective dates and code history
-  Productivity reports
-  Marketing analysis
-  Aged account analysis
-  Aged analysis of credit applications
-  Timekeeper budgets
-  Timekeeper profile
-  Optional user-defined code tables
-  Export to Excel
-  Named reports and archived reports

> More Management Reporting
Document Management

-  Flexible and powerful search features
-  Full text search
-  Customizable dashboard
-  Microsoft Office integration
-  Adobe Acrobat integration
-  Drag and drop file save
-  Monitored folders
-  Integrated security for ethical walls
-  Version control
-  Customizable user preferences

> More Document Management
Workflow Management

-  Electronic client/matter intake
-  Intelligent conflict checking
-  Preemptive conflict checking
-  Potential client/matter management
-  Electronic check requests
-  Customizable approval requirements
-  Customizable routing tables
-  Email notifications
-  Integrated with Client Accounting
-  Integrated with G/L and A/P

> More Workflow Management
Rules-based Calendar

-  Customizable Outlook integration
-  CalendarRules.com integration
    subscription required)

-  Case assignments
-  Multiple views
-  Flexible calendar reports
-  Sharing and security options
-  File attachments
-  User preferences
-  Status and completion tracking

> More Rules-based Calendar
Contact Management

-  Client Accounting integration
-  G/L and A/P integration
-  Mailing List integration
-  Document Management integration
-  P.I. Case Management integration
-  Conflict integration
-  Powerful search options
-  Customizable search results
-  Contact types
-  Related parties

> More Contact Management
Conflict of Interest

-  Client Accounting integration
-  G/L and A/P integration
-  Contact Management integration
-  Automatic real-time name indexing
-  Full text search
-  Preemptive conflict search (Workflow)
-  Fast search results
-  Easy report creation
-  Export to Excel
-  Virtually unlimited capacity

> More Conflict of Interest
Case Notes

-  Client Accounting integration
-  Contact Management integration
-  File Management integration
-  Note types
-  Full text search
-  Interactive spell check
-  Text expansion codes
-  Easy report creation
-  Export to Excel
-  Virtually unlimited capacity

> More Case Notes
File Management

-  Client Accounting integration
-  Sub-matters
-  File rooms and status codes
-  File locations / box numbers
-  Searchable file notes
-  Destruction dates and notes
-  History tracking
-  Powerful search options
-  Inventory report
-  Export to Excel

> More File Management
Mailing Lists

-  Client Accounting integration
-  Contact Management integration
-  G/L and A/P integration
-  Firm-defined mailing types
-  Timekeeper assignments
-  Salutation and comments
-  Easy export for mail merges
-  Mailing list reports
-  Mailing labels
-  Powerful search options

> More Mailing Lists
P.I. Case Management

-  Client Accounting integration
-  Contact Management integration
-  Extended case details
-  Insurance tracking
-  Injuries and medical providers
-  Medical expense tracking
-  Experts and Witnesses
-  Property damage
-  Exployment data
-  Document merge/creation

> More P.I. Case Management