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Software - Rules-based Calendar

The LSSe64 Calendar component allows law firms to efficiently schedule and manage law firm tasks, deadlines and appointments.  With an optional subscription to CalendarRules.com, LSSe64 can automatically create an entire series of deadlines based on court defined rules – all from a single entry form.  LSSe64 Calendar also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 or Exchange, so events created in LSS will also appear in each respective timekeeper’s Outlook calendar.

Customizable Outlook integration

For those firms using Microsoft Outlook with Office 365 or Exchange, any events that get saved in the LSSe64 Calendar system also automatically appear in the Outlook calendar for each respective attorney.  Outlook integration can be enabled or disabled for individual users.  Additionally, each user has the ability to customize how events appear in their own Outlook calendar.

For example, the subject line of a calendar event can be configured to include or exclude things like client/matter number, client name, matter description, activity, location, event description, etc.  Custom event mapping allows different types of LSSe64 events to appear as Outlook appointments, all-day events or tasks.  The system also allows custom Outlook reminder definitions by event type.

CalendarRules.com integration

LSSe64 seamlessly integrates with your subscription at CalendarRules.com – the industry leader in cloud-based calendar rules.  Date calculations are performed in the background through the web service at CalendarRules.com, ensuring that the most recent rule definitions are always being used. 

If a court rule changes at CalendarRules.com, and that rule change affects an event already scheduled in LSSe64, the system can send an email notification to the firm’s system administrators.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can easily reschedule the effected deadlines based on the updated rule.  LSSe64 and CalendarRules.com provide the most reliable and easy to use rules-based calendaring system available.

CalendareRules.com is a separate subscription service available for an additional charge.