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Conflict of Interest Software for Law Firms

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LSS Conflict of Interest software quickly and reliably locates names that might pose a conflict to the firm.  Clients, matters, vendors and contacts are all included automatically.  You can add other parties to the database as needed, and link their names to related clients and matters.  Download a free trial of the stand-alone version here or watch our YouTube video showing the stand-alone version in action.

Automatic Real-Time Indexing
LSS Conflict of Interest utilizes sophisticated indexes so search results are nearly instant every time.  Whether you maintain five thousand names or five million names, the LSS conflict search is always fast. 

Workflow Search Intelligence
For even greater levels of efficiency, LSS Workflow Management will automatically perform intelligent conflict searches right from the names entered on electronic matter intake forms. 

Preemptive Conflict Checking
Automated conflict systems usually search only those names currently established in your firm's billing and conflict database.  Preemptive Conflict Checking from LSS goes one critical step further - exposing names found on pending intake forms that haven't even been processed or accepted yet.

LSS Conflict of Interest Features:

     -  Automatic real-time indexing
     -  Extremely fast results
     -  Client, matter, vendor integration
     -  Intuitive interface
     -  No queries to write
     -  No Boolean logic to learn
     -  Fast, simple, flexible searches
     -  Phonetic (sounds-like) search options
     -  Full text phrase search options
     -  Virtually unlimited capacity
     -  Clear, concise, one-click reporting
     -  Workflow enabled
     -  Preemptive conflict checking


Licensing Options:

Integrated Solution
For the law firm needing an integrated conflict of interest solution that combines billing, conflicts, contacts, case management and accounting, all in a single application.  more >>

Workflow Solution
For the law firm that wants to achieve optimum efficiency in a paperless environment.  Workflow Management electronically routes on-line forms to fully automate conflict of interest checking, client/matter intake, check requests and other firm tasks.  more >>

Stand-Alone Solution
For the law office needing a conflict of interest system that is simple yet powerful, LSS offers a full-featured stand-alone system that is amazingly easy to use.  Download a free trial systemmore >>

More Information
Visit our Software Details page for information about other LSS Case Management features.  more >>

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